Dads Orbit

Taking over the solar system one dad bod at a time. Thanks Bungo!

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A Clan For Cool Cats

At the time of creating this clan there was only two of us playing on Xbox One. We then continued to recruit more from the Xbox community until the majority of us switched over to PC for majority of our time in Destiny. Going forward we plan to continue recruting for both PC and Xbox while growing our Discord.

So, if you enjoy persuing in game goals and need some extra help along the way feel free to check us out and join up on Discord whether you join the clan or not. Just be mindful: we like to keep a chill environment and try to minimize our frustrations no matter how much the game tries to give it to us as though its name is X. If that sounds good to you and you want to unleash your inner dad then Dads Orbit is the place for you! We don't care about your gender or anything like that just come join up if you're gaming to relax, no questions asked.